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We offer full audiovisual production services from an idea to its realization as many other public service broadcasters.

Process: every production is a result of an interactive process connected to strategical planning, creativity, and innovation. Elaborating strategy helps to accelerate and organize the production process better and to offer versatile solutions.

Innovation: we approach our clients’ needs in an innovative way, taking into consideration new technical possibilities and trends in the market. Quick, professional, high-quality production is possible thanks to our broad technical base and professional staff.

Possibilities: production of educational and promotional films, TV shows and events; all necessary professional video and film techniques; professional lighting and sound; the largest TV studios in Estonia; editing suites; computer graphics; and the production of original commercials and sound for commercial clips (voices, technical production etc).

The staff of ETV experienced the organization of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest, including the creation of its 24 fairytale-themed postcards which have been very well received around the world.
We boast directors, producers, copywriters, sound directors, operators, editing staff, project managers, editors, and voice talent.

These people do not just come up with new ideas but write original and interesting scenarios and produce it all as well.

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Phone : +372 628 4681

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